for horses and ponies at rest and in light work

This is an nutritious muesli which is non heating and oat free, designed to maintain both horse and pony at rest or in light work.

Stonebridge’s Calm Mix provided essential vitamins & protected minerals that are essential for a healthy diet. It is a highly palatable mix, blended with our own blend of natural flavourings and essential oils. This is a complementary feed to be fed in
conjunction with suitable forage to ponies or horses.





Vitamin A
Vitamin D3
Vitimin E

12,000 IU/kg
2,000 IU/kg
200 IU/kg


Minerals & Vitamins:
Specially blended for Stonebridge & designed for the health and mobility of the horse or pony. Containing the highly available Bioplex Organic Minerals and is rich in vitamin E & selplex.

Calcified seaweed:
Rich in digestible calcium, trace elements and vitamins. Calcified seaweed has an excellent acid absorbency, to maintain
stable pH levels in the digestive system and helps to improve fibre digestion.

Hi fibre products:
Soya hulls, oat feed, wheat feed, sugarbeet synchronized to maintain a healthy stomach function.

Protein sources:
Both steamed and cooked peas, which are rich in oil and protein to promote a healthy shine on the coat.Energy source:
Flaked barley, flaked maize to maintain a balance of energy.Oil:
From four different sources to encourage a shine on the coat and all round peak condition. Oil is a concentrated source of non-heating energy for the promotion of weight gain.Molasses:
Palatable an