for pregnant and lactating brood mares and thriving young stock

Stonebridge’s Stud mix is a fully balanced muesli especially formulated for pregnant and lactating brood mares, foals and thriving young stock.

It is non heating and excellent for maintaining condition. Premium protein is used to support milk production and growth development in foals. This is a complementary feed to be fed in conjunction with suitable forage to ponies or horses.




Vitamin A
Vitamin D3
Vitimin E

12,000 IU/kg
2,000 IU/kg
210 IU/kg


Minerals & Vitamins:
Specially blended for Stonebridge & designed for the health and mobility of the horse or pony, rich in vitamin E & selplex. High levels of Vitamin E, are proven to aid transfer of immunity from mare to foal via colostrums. Containing highly available Bioplex Organic Trace Minerals.


A live yeast culture which has been specifically developed in Kentucky for supplementation to horse diets. Yea-Sacc1026enhances fibre digestion and overall utilization of feed ingredients.

Mycotoxins are produced by moulds present in feeds and forages. They have been implicated in a variety of acute equine health problems including, abortions and colic. Mycosorb is an all natural detoxifying agent which works in the gut.

Calcified seaweed:
Rich in digestible calcium, trace elements and vitamins. Calcified has an excellent acid absorbency to maintain stable pH levels in the digestive system and helps to improve fibre digestion.

Hi fibre products:
Soya hulls, oatfeed, wheatfeed, sugarbeet shreds & alfalfa synchronised to maintain a healthy stomach function.Protein sources:
Soyabean rich in high quality protein to promote muscle, body tone and to support milk production and growth development. Steamed, cooked & flaked peas, which are rich in oil and protein to promote a healthy shine on the coat.Energy source:
Cooked flaked maize, flaked barley and lightly flaked oats to sustain a balance of energy.Oil:
High levels of the unique blend of 4 different sources of oil to encourage a healthy shine and all round peak condition. Oil is a concentrated source of energy for the promotion of weight gain and stamina.Molasses:
Palatable and helps bind the vitamins,minerals and spices etc.